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MBA specialisation – do you need it?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Text reads 'MBA specialisation, do you really need it?' in front of a photo of a man's looking at written notes on a wall as if making a decision. At the top of the image is the Eton University logo.

There are thousands of MBAs around the world, some of which offer specialisation in areas such as marketing, human resources, finance and many more.

However, there are lots of MBAs which don’t offer specialisation. So, this leaves the question; do you really need it? Let’s discuss.

Specialized MBAs

A specialist MBA is for those who have a clear idea on what they want to do with their careers. With a specialist MBA, students will be able to delve deeper into an industry they are proficient in and build upon already-existent skills.

It's good for people who have a clear idea on their career trajectory. However, this means limiting yourself to one type of job. Should the opportunity arise for you to move into another department, you may face some difficulties.

Some specialised MBA programs require students to have relevant experience in their field before applying, so if you're just getting started professionally, you may have a harder time.

General MBAs

If you want as wide a range of employment opportunities as possible after completing the MBA course, you should enrol on a general MBA program.

A general MBA offers students a broad base of knowledge in business and management. You'll learn the basics across all specialties and develop skills that can be applied to many practice areas in almost any industry. You also have more chance of being accepted onto a general MBA program if you have less professional experience.

In addition to focusing on a wide range of sectors within the business industry, you will study management, leadership, communication and critical thinking skills which can be applied in the work life but also in personal life. This also makes you more suited to a management role as you will have some experience in multiple areas. However, with a general MBA you will need to be more proactive when it comes to exploring your career options.

If you have a crystal-clear future in mind, you may want to consider a specialised MBA. However, if you are new to the industry, are seeking a managerial position in the long term or simply are not sure where you will end up in 10+ years, then perhaps you should consider a more general MBA.

Only you can decide!

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