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Student Writing

How to Enroll

Step One 

Book a meeting with a student advisor. They will arrange a meeting at a time suitable to you, and discuss the course content, eligibility, entry requirements and next steps. This is your chance to get to know our university, our programs, and ask any questions you may have!

Step Two 


After the meeting, your student advisor will send you an email outlining program-specific eligibility requirements and the link to the online application form. Please remember, our student advisors are here to provide guidance and advice, however, they cannot guarantee you an acceptance onto the program. Therefore, you are not required to send your personal documents to student advisors directly.

Our Admissions department reviews and considers only the documents submitted through online application form. Prior to applying, we strongly encourage you to read our “Admissions Policy'' and a Guide on writing the “Personal statement”. Once you are ready, please complete the application and submit it along with the copies of the necessary documentation, which commonly includes, but it is not limited to: 

  • Passport/National ID copy

  • Proof of residence address

  • Copies of previous educational qualifications and certifications, with official transcripts included 

  • One recent photograph

  • Personal statement

  • Latest CV (encouraged, if applicable)

  • Copies of any additional awards, achieves or diplomas, if applicable

  • Evidence of satisfying the English Language requirements, if applicable.

*Please bare in mind there is a non-refundable $100 Registration Fee 

**Late enrollment: Admissions are open all year around, and students are welcomed to apply at any time. However, if you wish to start studying during the quarter that has already started, a $50 late enrolment fee will be added to your first tuition instalment to accommodate late joining (see Academic schedule for quarter start dates). 

Step Three

Once we have received your application, the Admission manager will review it and determine your eligibility. If you are accepted, you will be contacted by the Admission Manager who will welcome you and inform you that you have been found eligible for enrolment and accepted onto the program. The Admission  manager will ask you to follow up with your advisor to complete the enrollment process by determining your preferred payment and study plan. Finally, the Admissions department will send you an official acceptance letter and enrollment agreement. 


Step Four 


Pay the course fees either through bank transfer or online link.

Step Five

​Congratulations! You are now officially our student, and the Academic department will send you all the details required to start the course.

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