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Masters Degrees in Business

Business Meeting

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

One of the most highly sought-after qualifications. An MBA is widely considered your passport to a successful career in any industry.

Team Meeting

MA Human Resource Management

Aquire the knowledge required to give your organisation the competitive advantage through developing good strategic management skills in HR.

Cleaning Hospital Room

MSc in Health & Social Care Management

Develop your understanding of policy, management theory and practice in health and social care.

Tour Bus

MA Tourism & Hospitality Management

Gain the specialist knowledge needed to advance your career in the field  tourism and hospitality sector to gain the skills needed to manage business operations. 

Giving a Presentation

MSc Project Management

Designed to meet the needs of senior managers who manage projects in complex and ever changing environments 

Loading Boxes in teh Truck

MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Prepare for a professional role and future career in logistics and supply chain management. 

Meeting Handshake

MA Public Administration

Designed for professionals in public and non-profit organisations who provide strong and comprehensive support, this masters degree will equip you to meet these challenges of this high pressure complex industry.


MSc in Accounting and Finance

Delve into contemporary and specialised approaches to accountancy and finance with practical theoretical and academic research.

New York Office

MSc in Strategic Marketing

Develop your skills and knowledge in branding and marketing whilst sharpening your strategic decision making skills.