A University that thrives in a global world

Our Journey Around the Globe

Eton University is an international institution of higher education which provides British accredited programs for both bachelors and master’s degrees.

Based on our vision that quality higher education should be for all, we began our journey around the globe. On November 9th 2010, Eton University was incorporated in Belize, America, under incorporation number 98,846 issued by the Deputy Registrar of International Business. On April 22nd, 2013, Eton University was incorporated in the State of Delaware, US. We then moved our operational office to Manchester, United Kingdom.

Our globally recognised programs are designed to meet the market’s ever shifting demands, fit in with today’s busy lifestyles and equip current and future leaders in the fields of business and education.

Eton University presents a distinguished syllabus that can be followed in a variety of ways, as we offer distance learning as well as classroom-based sessions in our premises throughout the year.

We strongly believes in diversity and we boast a team of academic advisers from more than ten nationalities and backgrounds to support you on your educational path. They are spread across four continents and are ready to guide you on a regular basis.

Strong partnerships are at the heart of our philosophy as we believe they can have benefits for both students and educators. Partnership allows each organization to learn from one another, raising the quality of education and facilitating access to a wider set of learning and teaching opportunities. For this purpose, Eton University has signed partnerships with reputable educational organizations such as the University of Bolton, the University of Sunderland in London, Notting Hill College as well as OTHM and the London Graduate School.