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Graduation Celebrating

Graduation Department

Welcome to Eton University's Graduation Department. The department is responsible for Eton University graduation process and attestation of Eton University certificates.


It is responsible for issuing students’ graduation documents. Students will receive their graduation documents once their final exam results have been released and they have met their graduation requirements.


The Graduation Department is also responsible for providing different types of attestation services upon request. Before receiving their attestation, students must request and pay for their chosen package.

Graduation process


For students who have met all the necessary course requirements within the designated quarter deadline, graduation eligibility will be granted by the end of that quarter. However, students who need to retake exams or resubmit assignments may need to defer their graduation until the following quarter.


Four-step graduation procedure


1) Once the examination board considers the results of submitted assignments, the marks will be uploaded automatically to the 'Report Cards' page on the student's Classe365 account.


2) The Graduation Department will check the academic and financial status of the student to ensure that they are eligible for graduation.


3) Within 15 working days of the announcing of their graduate exam results, the student will receive via email the e-certificate of their awarded diploma, an official academic transcript listing the course units taken plus the credits gained and a stamped graduation letter.


4) The student will receive the hard copies of their documents between two and three weeks after their certificate has been issued.
If the student has requested an attestation service for their certificate, their hard copy may arrive later. A student who has requested the attestation service but requires the hard copy of their certificate in the meantime can receive their unattested certificate sooner. For this, they must pay for the shipment of the hard copy of their certificate.

A tracking number will be sent to the student’s email so they can follow the parcels of their documents. International parcels usually take up to three weeks depending on the distance and region.

Graduation Process

If the student requires a provisional degree certificate (temporary graduation certificate) before the issuance of the full degree certificate, they can request it by sending an official email to: They must include their full name, student ID, date of graduation and their awarded degree.


Temporary graduation certificates are free of charge.


The student can request a recommendation letter from the Graduation Department which can be used as a reference to prove their qualifications and competencies in their degree subject area.


The recommendation letter service is $200 ( if you registered for the attestation package the recommendation letter will be free of charge).

Attestation service

Attestation service

Eton University offers an attestation service for its degree certificates.

Attestation is the process of authenticating a document from the country in which it was issued, allowing a student's own country’s government to happily accept it as genuine. It is a process of checking that an overseas document is real. 


Eton University offers attestation services for American certificates and for British certificates.


American attestation

  • Apostilles from the US Department of States


An Apostille is a stamped official certificate. More than 90 countries worldwide require a US Department of States Apostille in order for certificates to be verified. 


  • Authentication from the Department of States


Other countries require US Department of States authentication to verify documents in addition to embassy authentication. 


All credentials of foreign ambassadors to the United Nations in New York, US are authenticated by the US Secretary of State before they are formally accepted by the UN body in New York.


  • Embassy attestation


Embassy attestation is important when visiting other countries for the purposes of employment, education, business or other reasons.


This service is delivered for a number of embassies including Egypt, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan and more. 


Embassy attestation should be completed at an embassy in a country other than the United States. Degrees need to be attested by the embassy or consulate of a country to be eligible for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the same country.



British attestation


All of our British degrees and certificates are accredited by one of our external awarding bodies or partner institutes. They are all accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), a non-ministerial government department in the UK that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.


British attestation is from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the British Council.


  • Apostilles from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office


The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is a governmental department responsible for promoting British interests around the world. It assists in the legalization of documents through its Legalisation Office. The Legalisation Office will approve the degree certificate as genuine and will attach a stamped official certificate, or an ‘apostille’, to legalize it.


An international government is entitled to request legalized certificates before they are recognized by the country and used for their intended purpose.


  • Verification from the British Council


The British Council verifies the certificates of those who hold a qualification from the UK. Certificates of degrees and diplomas issued by an accredited UK institution can be verified by the British Council.




Attestation Procedure


1) After their exam results have been announced by the Eton University’s academic board, the student will receive their graduation letter and an online attestation application form.


2) The attestation application form should be filled within five working days of it being received to ensure their documents will be issued in the current quarter. If the form is filled in after five days, their documents will be shifted to the next quarter.


3) The Graduation Department will recheck the student’s documents’ financial and academic clearance before proceeding with the attestation process. 


4) The attestation process may take up to seven months. This is to accommodate the time it takes for documents to be distributed to and collected from different departments.

Attestation Fees

Option 1:  For $1385, we offer a comprehensive attestation service, including authentication from the US Department of State (USDS), Apostille, and one of the available embassies (Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, and UAE). The entire process takes up to 8 months for full completion.

Option 2: Choose our $485 option for attestation services, covering authentication from the US Department of State (USDS) and Apostille. This streamlined process is completed within 2 months.

Attestation schedule

Attestation Process Begins
Spring 2024
Friday, 20th September 2024
Summer 2024
Friday, 22nd November 2024
Fall 2024
Friday, 21st February 2025



For any inquiries, contact the Graduation Department between 9am and 4:30pm GMT, Monday to Thursday.




Phone: +44 16 1513 1350

              +90 552 755 47 88

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