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Become a Recruitment Agent

Grow your business and build new opportunities. Offer internationally recognised degrees to your prospective students and gain a new stream of income. ​

1) No administration fees

Just send us the required documentation and start earning commission fast.

2) Promotion 

We will feature your brand and contact details on our website. This will broaden your global presence and increase your potential to be seen by students and businesses from all over the world.

3) Full support 

Our marketing and sales teams will assist you in providing all the key factors required to promote our programs to your community.

4) Experience

Being an official recruitment center for Eton University will drive your business forward and allow you to experience new markets and perspectives. In addition, it will help you discover new income sources and increase your organizations productivity. 

Complete the form today to enquire about becoming a recruitment agent.

View our existing agents here.

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