Payment Methods

Making a payment

Program fees are payable prior to enrolment at the start of the academic term. Students paying in installments will receive a Payment plan which is a schedule of payment due dates for the year. The Payment plan will be received as a part of the Enrollment agreement. 

Students are required to adhere to the Payment plan by paying the applicable amounts on or before the due date. One confirmation of the payment is issued for each payment transaction.

Although Payment Reminders are sent by the University, failure to receive a reminder will not be accepted as an excuse for missing a payment deadline. Late payment charges will incur a penalty of USD 70.

Students can pay their tuition fees using any of the following payment methods

  • Bank transfer

Payment can be done via bank transfer by using the following account details:

Eton University USA 

Bank of America

Bank address: 3881 Alton Pkwy Ste B,Irvine ,CA 92606-8295


Eton university address: University Tower

4199 Campus Drive, Suite 550

Irvine, CA 92612


Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Account number: 325030971648

Payment can be done via our secure online payment system by using a debit/credit card


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