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Hybrid Learning

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid Learning is the combination of traditional face-to-face tuition with digital course delivery. The technological developments over the last half century have revolutionised many industries, and education is no exception. It is now possible to access the best courses in the world from the comfort of your own home using software to deliver live sessions and learning management systems to access all the materials required to complete your course without ever visiting a library. 

At Eton University, all our courses are delivered in Hybrid Learning format via our Virtual Campus. This means; 

  • Access to a range of materials, textbooks and other resources through our learning management system

  • Digital course guidelines and assessment submission guidelines 

  • 8x45 minutes of one-to-one or small group sessions, per quarter, with expert tutors from the United Kingdom

Get access to expert tutors from the comfort of your own home

Receive world-class education without needing to travel

Personalised lessons to help you achieve your maximum potential

Excellent student support services

Choose your own dates and times to suit you

All sessions are recorded and available to re-watch

Additional Tuition Services 

Addtional Tuition Sevices

We realise that some students are looking for a more in-depth study experience. Therefore, we have additional tuition packages available. 

Book an additional 10 hours of tuition and choose how you want to spend them. Perhaps you would prefer a more in-depth analysis on a particular module, or would like to go over some assignment feedback in more detail. The choice is yours.


You can choose how you want to spend these hours and when. With our tutors being available in the evenings and weekends, theres no need to sacrifice work commitments or family time. There is no limit to the amount of packages you can purchase. The fees per 10 hours is £400. 

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Should you have any questions concerning our tuition packages, please use the form below to contact us directly.  

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