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Academic Calendar

Our academic year consists of three quarters and runs from September to July. Each quarter consists of ten weeks of classes, followed by three weeks of independent study. There is a three-week break in December for Christmas and another two-week break in April for Easter. There is an optional summer quarter for those who require it.





Fall Quarter

Start – Monday September 18th 2023

End – Friday December 4th 2023

Assignments due – Monday December 25th 2023

Spring Quarter

Start – Monday April 22nd 2024


End - Monday July 8th 2024

Assignments due – Sunday July 28th 2025

Winter Quarter

Start – Monday January 8th 2024

End – Monday March 25th 2024

Assignments due - Monday April 15th 2027

Summer Quarter*

Start – Monday July 29th 2024

End - Monday September 9th 2024

Assignments due – Wednesday September 18th 2024


*Standard application period ends 6 working days before the quarter starts. Applications for that quarter received less than 6 working days before the quarter start date are considered as late applications and they may be subject to $50 late admission fee, which is added to the 1st installment of the course tuition fee. 

** Applications for the quarter that has already started, close 30 days before the examination period. These applicants will be considered for the next quarter intake

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