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How a business degree can help you in any career

When you think of business graduates, you may think of company directors, human resource managers and accounting professionals. Whilst these are fantastic career paths, having a degree in business can take you so much further than just a few roles.

Discover how a business degree can help you in any career.

Gain numerical skills

Business degrees almost always contain accounting and finance modules. Naturally, you are going to become numerically literate when you study for these.

Studies in accounting and finance will introduce you to math in a business context, but keeping your numeracy skills sharp is absolutely useful in every type of role and will make you a desirable job candidate.

Understand all parts of your business

If you start a job in a new industry, it is easy to launch into your role without fully understanding other departments' responsibilities.

For example, when you work in the logistics department of a furniture manufacturer, you have the potential to complete your tasks and beat targets without necessarily knowing what the marketing team are up to.

A business degree will provide you with at least a general idea of how companies operate. This means when you enter a company, you will not only find yourself taking an interest in what each department does, but you will be able to understand what this means for the trajectory of the business.

Move into more areas

With knowledge of all departments, you have a better chance of transferring to another one when you feel like a change or even moving up in the company.

The knowledge across marketing, accounting, finance, research methods, management, law and more you will gain from a business degree means you will have a whole range of job prospects.

In addition, business degrees are some of the few that are not linked to a specific industry. Whether it is a car company, a hospital or an investment firm, a business would not be able to operate and make money without business knowledge!

Know how to sell

On a business degree, you will learn the techniques and logistic methods used to make sales.

The ability to sell is in more than just shifting products, however. With sales techniques, you can sell yourself. This valuable skill will help you not only land jobs by you acing interviews but will see you argue in favor of your ideas effectively when working within teams and talking to your managers.

Marketing studies are a large part of business degrees. Marketing is a great tool to sell yourself with as you can use it to boost your online professional presence.

Learn the value of communication and cooperation

Learning about businesses will enlighten you to the fact that they are so heavily built on communication and cooperation between different people and parties. Understanding this way of working will enable you to collaborate with those of differing perspectives to your own and make compromises and business proposals that are advantages for all.

Working at a company will also always involve teamwork. Whether you are working with people with the same job title or if everyone has a key unique role that contributes to the organisation, being able to communicate effectively will create a more productive environment and will see your company go places.

Study a business degree at Eton University and advance your career, whatever it may be. Enrol in a BA (Hons) Business Management or a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


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