Master in Business Administration

Course Overview

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Eton University MBA educates future business leaders through a rigorous training of managerial skills, analytical and strategical reasoning, critical thinking, decision making and understanding all the dimensions of a business problem.


The focus of the program is to help students become recognized as leaders at every level of an organization and to develop the skills and confidence needed to think strategically and take the initiative.


The program provides a combination of core and elective courses that allow for a variety of interests and cover various areas of business such as finance, marketing, management, leadership, business communication and HR. It is tailored to help you become the leader you aspire to be on a budget and time frame that work around your busy life.


Eton University welcomes applications from graduates of all fields who are interested in MBA study. The following are required for application:


  • Experience in business (recommended)

  • A pass in recognized Bachelor’s Degree or a graduate-level professional qualification

  • An upper intermediate level of written English (CEFR level B2)


Applicants who do not possess one or more abovementioned requirements are encouraged to contact the university directly and enquire regarding their eligibility.

36 credits​


is normally 9-12 months (extensions are available)

4 quarters, each is 11 weeks

Access to a range of online resources

Study at your own pace

Designed to help you become a leader with deep and broad understanding of

academic and organizational management

COST  $6,930

English Language Requirements

Applicants who are not citizens of English-speaking countries (such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand) and whose undergraduate degree was not taught in English must prove their English language proficiency either by submitting English language certificate (such as TOEFL, IELTS) or by writing a short essay.

Why MBA from Eton University?

You deserve a flexible, high-quality MBA program with a curriculum relevant to your industry. This is why Eton University has designed an MBA degree program that:


  • develops competencies which add value to your organization and prepare you for leadership roles

  • fits well into your busy professional life

  • is focused on your career

  •  requires no permanent physical residency

  • provides flexible admissions

  • is affordable

  • offers flexible program duration

  • requires no GMAT/IELTS Exam 

  • has stress-free  graduation requirements


With a vast range of course and options available, it can be easy to get lost.


Contact one of our advisors today who will help you make the right choice.

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