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Engineering Management 

Develop into a leader who is capable of tackling expanded responsibilities in their fields of expertise.

Course Duration: Full-time 1 year or Part-time 2 years

Mode of Study: Online

As companies continue to expand and become more complex due to globalization, the demand for engineers with management skills is increasing. Successful engineering projects require not only technical expertise but also project management skills, collaboration, and communication skills; and according to the latest research, there is a shortage of engineers with management skills. Eton University’s MSc in Engineering program is designed to help bridge this market gap and provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of engineering management, with critical skills needed for leadership roles in engineering organizations. The overall program is comprehensive, covering a range of topics in engineering management, while its core coursework focuses on effectively managing personnel, operations and finances, all within the context of engineering. 

The MSc. Engineering Management program at Eton University offers you a triple reward: a 33-credits’ degree, a 12-credit diploma and a 18-credits advanced diploma plus optional dissertation path for dual degree and\or specialization, providing courses designed with direct impact on your work as a professional in engineering fields. You can study on a part-time or full-time basis to fit studies into your busy schedules. You can choose between a general degree and degree with specialization to boast your minor engineering task.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management degree program at Eton University has been designed according to the guidelines of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM), Engineering Management Master’s Program Certification Academic Standards. ASEM is a global professional society dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the engineering and technical management profession.

Our Msc Engineering Management consists of completing:

  1. Diploma in Engineering Management (12 credits)

  2. Advanced Diploma in Engineering Management (18 credits)

  3. Graduate Research (3 credits)

There is also an optional thesis stage for those who required more specialization in their field of study and degree obtained which offers an additional 12 credits.​

The total credits earned are 33 credits or 45 credits if the optional thesis stage is undertaken.

For entry onto the Msc Engineering Management programme, learners must possess:

  • BS in Engineering or Physical Science (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geophysics, Math, Physics) with overall grade not less than 2.5.

  • Undergraduate Courses: Calculus Series (I, II, III), Differential Equations, Statistics, Physics or Chemistry, Engineering Economy

  • 2 years of work experience in engineering or management or one quarter of internship may be required.

  • Students from non-Engineering background may be admitted provisionally with an appropriate mathematical background equivalent to at least one semester of calculus.

English requirements: If a learner is not a national of an English-speaking country, they must provide evidence of English language competency* at a standard equivalent to the levels identified below, 

  • TOEFL  90

  •  IELTS 6

  • IEP 92 

  • Or equivalent 

*Candidates who do not have evidence of English competency can take an internal exam with Eton University which is offered in collaboration with Think English. This internal exam is offered to Eton University applicants at the exclusive rate of $45.

  • Tests are held at the end of each quarter and are in an open book system through essay questions and/or multiple-choice questions. The results of the tests are calculated as 60% towards the final grade obtained by the student for each subject.

  • The student must complete one practical task for the practical applications of each subject, and it counts as 20% towards the final grade obtained by the student for this subject.

  • The student is committed to attending the LMS once a week for 11 weeks, and attendance grades are calculated at 20% towards the final grade obtained by the student along with homework and extra curricula readings required per subject.

To obtain Msc Engineering Management degree candidates must fulfill the following requirements:   

  • a pass in all modules and a successful completion of 33 credits in total

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Unit 1
Essentials of Engineering Management

Unit 2
Strategy for Engineering & Technology

Unit 3
Capital Budgeting and Cost Analysis

Unit 4
Human Resources Management in Engineering

Online Teaching

Tuition &
Course Materials

Students will study this program through our Learning Management System.

This virtual study mode allows flexibility and expert-led teaching to be accessed from anywhere. Students only need their laptop and a stable internet connection.The learning management system gives students access to course materials and resources relevant to the study programme, such as textbooks, presentations, case studies and guides. If required, additional private tuition hours can be booked.

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