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Meet our Graduates

As an Eton University graduate, you become a member of our worldwide alumnus network that consists of hundreds of alumni members.

Discover what our graduates say about their experience on studying at Eton!

"Hello everybody! My name is Ylber Dedushi and I just wanted to share with you some great experience I gained after I completed MA in TESOL at the Eton University. 

I have to admit that being a distance learning student is not as easy as one assumes. For me, even though I had over 10 years of experience in teaching TEFL/TESOL classes, I still learned a lot of new things during my studies at the Eton University. 

Although it was a distance learning programme, I particularly liked its structure. 

As regards the staff, I got an honest support, especially from my tutor, Dr. Amy Johnson as well as Miss Rea Dujmusic, Administrative Manager at the Eton University, who were guiding me through all assignments, and then giving me a swift feedback on completing MA in TESOL thesis. 

All in all, I believe that it was a very useful experience. It motivated me to learn more about new TEFL/TESOL approaches and methodologies and apply effectively all new things I learned during my studies.

This is the reason why I highly recommend this institution to those who wish to become more professional in their TEFL/TESOL journey."


M.A. Ylber Dedushi

Republic of Kosovo

"I graduated from the MBA at Eton University and went to the University's headquarters in Manchester - UK to complete my graduate project in Human Resource Management.

I was often stimulated by the university to start my own business through what I learned in modern business management, and how to build and use the human resource to achieve organizational excellence.

I received full support from the university during and after graduation, and the necessary assistance that enabled me to start my career as an investor in vocational training."



"I work in the human resources department. I studied business administration at Eton University. I benefited a lot from the university study system, especially in terms of non-requirement of attending classes, as I work and have many obligations. Now I am enrolled for the academic year 2017-2018 in the MBA degree. I believe that the more I develop myself, the greater the opportunity to develop in practical life. Eton University has helped me a lot in this way, with outstanding repayment systems that contribute to the fulfillment of what I dream about in my career without obstacles."

Adel Al–Ansari

United Arab Emirates

"I am a businesswoman and a housewife. I have many practical and personal responsibilities that were the reason why it was impossible for me to attend university. I wanted to get a bachelor's degree in business administration to raise my resume as a businesswoman and also to take advantage of the new management knowledge to develop my company, but of course my various responsibilities were an obstacle to realizing this dream. At Eton University, I found strong support, encouragement and help, which made me enroll in a bachelor's degree. I am now in the last year and feel that I am about to achieve a dream I thought was impossible."



"As a mechanical engineer in a prestigious company, I had to complete my postgraduate career development for administrative positions in my specialty. But the requirement that most universities have, such as to attend the classes and graduation ceremonies, were major obstacles. Therefore, joining a Master's degree in Project Management at the University of Eton University was a good choice. I could easily balance my work and study. Studying at Eton helped me to update and enhance my knowledge and skills, and the high-quality student service motivated me to complete my degree and take advantage of my career."

Ahmed Hussein

Arab Republic of Egypt

"Studying Bachelor degree in Business Administration - Marketing specialization paved the way for me to gain knowledge in business administration and marketing science. In addition, professional skills that I gained opened up opportunities for jobs in the field of my specialization."



As a mother of a seven year old with a full time job as a teacher trainer and a children’s book writer, it was impossible to attend university. I finished my MA at the AUC and struggled for a while to finish my doctorate degree until I was guided to Eton University and my problems were resolved. Distance learning was the best solution for me especially with the quality of education that Eton offers. After 20 years in the education field I’m still learning a lot through the course of my studies that is an added value for my works. The level of support I receive from the university administration Rea Dujmusic is beyond amazing. She’s always available and prompt which automatically transfers the feeling that “everything will be alright at the end”.

At Eton, you learn at your preferred times and you feel cared for as well.

Wait …. I didn’t say it was easy. You’re still expected to work hard and do your best!

Sama Elbatrawy


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