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Tuition Fee Policy 

Policy Number:501 

Title: Tuition Fee
Last Revised Date: 5th March 2023

Policy Version:Vol. 3






1. Cancellations Refund 


An applicant who provides a written notice of cancellation within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid, excluding the $100 non-refundable registration fee, provided that the following conditions apply: 

  • Applicant has not been provided with an access to LMS and study materials


Applicants who wish to cancel their course need to request a Cancellation/Withdrawal form by emailing with a subject line "Office of the Registrar-Cancellation request”. The refund will be processed within 45 working days. 


2. Withdrawals Refund


Once registered, students are academically and financially responsible for their course unless they officially withdraw. If a student fails to officially withdraw, they will be charged all program fees. There are no refunds for non-attendance. 


Students who wish to officially withdraw from the course of study, may do so at any time by requesting a Cancellation/Withdrawal form by emailing with a subject line “Office of the Registrar-Withdrawal request”. 

2.1. Installments Refund

Students who are paying the course fees in installments and have received their LMS access with the study materials are not entitled to a refund. 


2.2. Full Payments Refund

Students who have paid their course fees in full in advance, but do not want to continue their studies, may be eligible for the refund of the unstudied subjects. The refund is applicable only to the course fees, excluding any additional fees such as the non-refundable application fee, non-refundable textbook and materials fee, or any additional fee charged at the time of acceptance. The price of the subjects is determined based on the amount of credits they contain. 


Students, who at the time of admission received up to 50% discount on tuition fees, will have the amount deducted for the subjects they have studied, and the balance* returned for the subjects not yet studied.  


However, if a student received a discount of program fees any higher than 50% of the regular study fees, the subjects studied will be calculated as no more than 50% discounted from the original standard price applicable at the time of student’s admission. Therefore, 50% will be deducted from the original, full price of the module(s) studied, and the balance that student have paid will be refunded. 


Balance*: Eton University will refund the exact balance as per the calculation; however, this can be subject to additional 5% bank charges, and any further  bank charges applied by the student’s bank for which Eton University does not bear any responsibility. 



Eton University reviews its fees and Tuition Fee Policy annually. However, the institution reserves the right to adjust tuition fees at any time. Students will be notified of any such changes in writing and given reasonable notice before the changes take effect. While the institution will make every effort to keep tuition fees stable, and honor the Enrollment agreement contract, students should be aware that circumstances beyond the institution's control, such as changes in funding or economic conditions, may require adjustments to be made. In such cases, the institution will ensure that any changes are fair and reasonable, and will work with students to minimize any impact on their studies and monies to be paid. 





1. Financial Hold 


If a student fails to pay the student account bill or any monies due by the scheduled due date, Eton University may place a financial hold on student's account, preventing the student from future course registration, assessment submission and/or receipt of other University services, transcripts of grades or other official papers.  


2. Late Payment Charge 


If a student fails to pay the bill or any monies due by the scheduled due date, Eton University may assess a late payment charge in the amount of $70. 

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