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Understanding and Managing Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Unlocking Potential through Inclusive Education

Embark on an inspiring learning adventure at Eton University Continuous Development Center, where our course 'Understanding and Managing Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)' isn't just a program—it's a transformative experience. Created with care, this course is here to uplift the continuous development skills that educators and teachers bring to their classrooms every day.

Imagine a learning journey where every participant becomes a champion of inclusive teaching, equipped with strategies that resonate with the unique stories of diverse learners. Whether they navigate learning disabilities or bring a wealth of varied backgrounds and learning styles, our course is a celebration of the richness of education.


At Eton University, we invite you to be part of a community that values every learner's unique journey. Join us in making education a place where everyone feels seen, heard, and empowered to thrive.

Module 1: Introduction to SEND

  • Understanding the concept of Special Education Needs and Disabilities

  • Overview of different types of SEND

  • Legal and ethical considerations in inclusive education

Module 2: Building an Inclusive Support System

  • Establishing the structure of the inclusion department

  • Roles and responsibilities of inclusion specialists

  • Collaborative frameworks with mainstream educators and support staff

  • Integration of technology for efficient support

  • Creating a culture of inclusivity within the school

Module 3: Teaching Students with Disabilities

  • Identifying and understanding various disabilities

  • Tailoring teaching strategies for students with diverse needs

  • In-depth exploration of specific disabilities, including ASD, ADHD, and learning disabilities

  • Case studies illustrating effective teaching approaches

  • Creating an inclusive classroom environment that accommodates diverse abilities

Module 4: Inclusive Teaching Strategies

  • Adapting teaching methods for diverse learning styles

  • Differentiated instruction for students with varying abilities

  • Tailored strategies for teaching students with disabilities:

    • Utilizing assistive technologies

    • Implementing personalized accommodations

    • Encouraging peer support and collaboration

Module 5: Classroom Environment and Management

  • Creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment

  • Behavior management strategies for students with disabilities

  • Collaboration and teamwork among students with diverse needs

Module 6: Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

  • Developing and implementing effective IEPs

  • Monitoring and adjusting IEPs based on progress

  • Involving stakeholders in the IEP process

Module 7: Communication and Collaboration

  • Effective communication with students, parents, and support staff

  • Collaborating with special education professionals and specialists

  • Building a community of support within the school

Module 8: Emotional and Social Well-being

  • Understanding the emotional and social needs of students with disabilities

  • Promoting social inclusion and peer relationships

  • Supporting mental health in the classroom

8 Comprehensive Modules: Dive into a learning journey like never before! Our short course boasts 8 dynamic modules, delivered conveniently through distance learning. It's tailor-made for the movers and shakers, fitting seamlessly into the lives of busy learners.

Access 24/7: Learning knows no bounds! Gain exclusive access to our treasure trove of knowledge at the Eton University Continuous Development Center. Explore fascinating materials whenever it suits you—24/7 access for an uninterrupted learning experience.


Engaging Learning Materials: Brace yourself for an educational thrill! Immerse in dynamic presentations, insightful handouts, and multimedia wonders. Our learning materials aren't just informative—they're designed to captivate, ensuring an exciting and effective learning journey.


Certification of Completion: Elevate your expertise and showcase your mastery! Successfully conquer all modules and ace our quiz featuring multiple-choice gems. Walk away with a prestigious Certification of Completion, a testament to your newfound knowledge and skills.

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