Program Fees

Fees - General Guidelines

Students enrolling into Eton University programs are required to comply with the financial regulations.

The amount that students will pay in respect of tuition fees depends on the chosen program. Failure to settle fees on time will mean that the University will withdraw access to learning portal, charge late payment fees and ultimately mark the student as a dropout.

Program fees cover the standard cost of the program including curriculum delivery (via classroom or distance learning), examinations (two attempts), access to student online learning system, and certificate issuance. 

Separate fees and refund procedures apply to additional services that a student may sign up for, including (but not limited to): supplementary educational trips, transportation, student visa, accommodation, and purchasing textbooks.

These regulations state the minimum requirements for students paying the standard fees. Additional terms and conditions may apply where students are offered scholarships, early-payment offers, and other incentives under the various student recruitment strategies. Details of these can be found within the Enrollment Agreement at the time of gaining admission.

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