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Why you should choose Eton University

The Eton University logo appears above text reading 'International education, Inspiring futures'

Completing a degree is an investment of your time and money so you need to feel confident that you have chosen the right college for you.

Previously, we shared tips on how to choose an online business program. Here is why Eton University can meet your learning needs.


Accreditation is an important component to look out for when choosing a degree. Employers will recognize a degree’s quality if it has been accredited by an official education body.

All degree programs at Eton University are accredited by Ofqual, the British government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. Having this accreditation means our courses are proven to be of a high standard, in line with the expectations of British qualifications.

British-accredited degrees are well-regarded internationally, meaning our graduates can launch their careers all around the world.

Hybrid Learning

Learning online does not have to compromise your degree program’s quality. With Eton University’s Hybrid Learning structure, you will experience innovative solutions to the physical distance between you and your tutors.

As part of this, you will receive a combination of virtual face-to-face tuition and digital course delivery. You will have 24/7 access to course materials, textbooks and lesson recordings through the learning management system, in addition to personalized lessons with expert tutors at times to suit you and excellent student support services.

If you desire, you can book additional one-to-one tuition to go into further in-depth analysis of your subjects, to go over assignment feedback or spend the sessions however you feel will best benefit your learning!


Often, business degrees and computing courses can be very expensive. In keeping with our aim of making quality higher education widely available, our programs are reasonably priced.

We offer flexible payment plans for most of our degrees, with the option to pay in installments. In addition, Eton University provides a variety of scholarships.


For many degrees at English language schools, you will be required to have proof of English proficiency, normally in the form of a particular IELTS score. Whilst Eton University welcomes those who have at least a 5.5 score in IELTS, we accept a range of proficiency tests as well.

If you have not taken an English proficiency test or cannot access one for whatever reason, Eton University can provide you with its own.

Flexibility also exists in our course delivery. We wish to provide higher education to those in work as well as those just starting out in their careers. For this reason, we offer our courses on a part-time and a full-time basis.

Range of programs

Eton University has a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across our College of Business, College of Information Technology & Engineering and College of Education.

Our many accredited business programs cover the areas of hospitality management, marketing, business law, public administration, finance, human resource management and more. You can study an MBA with us and gain your passport into the business world.

In our College of Information Technology & Engineering, our students can study BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering or MSc in Cyber Security and launch their career in the ever-expanding tech industry.

As part of our College of Education, MA Education Management & Leadership builds on business skills and knowledge of the teaching sector, whilst MA TESOL trains students at a high level in teaching the English language to non-native speakers.

Many Eton University programs follow directly into top-up quarters at London Graduate School and the University of Chichester, allowing students to delve deeper into the topics they love at one of our partner institutions.

Made with careers in mind

When putting together degree programs, Eton University academic staff are led by what students will need to know in their future careers in real-life industries. Our programs are occupation-focused, training you in skills and knowledge that will keep you ahead of the game.

We want our students to leave equipped with problem-solving abilities in their particular area so that they can go on to be successful and innovative industry leaders.

Global student network

Eton University has bases in several locations, but with the option to study online, you have the potential to meet students from all over the world.

On your degree, you could be studying with someone from a different continent. Our staff list is also multicultural, made up of ten nationalities working together as one dedicated team.

When you encounter like-minded students and academics from across the globe, your education becomes a more enriching experience as you will learn about cultures and learning practices beyond just your degree content.

You not feel isolated when you join Eton University's global network – we have academic advisors in lots of locations and we will connect you to one near you.

Global partnerships

Eton University has global links through its academic partnerships, formed with the aim of maximizing higher education opportunities for all.

Our partner institution, Notting Hill College, provides vocational teacher training, language courses and specialized diplomas online and at its teaching bases in the UK and in the Middle East.

With the British qualification awarding body OTHM, we provide business and education programs from Level 3 diplomas right through to postgraduate level courses.

To ensure our IT students access the cutting edge of technology skills and career-focused computing knowledge, we have partnered with Cisco as a Networking Academy. Eton University is also a recruitment partner of the University of Bolton, a large university located nearby our Manchester learning center in the UK.

Enroll at Eton University and start your education journey today.


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