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Top-up programs: what they are and why you should study them

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

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Does your qualification need supercharging? Whatever your field of study, top-ups round out your hard work by converting your achievements into a Bachelor of Art or Science degree.

But top-ups aren’t just for undergraduates, either. Here at Eton University we offer a career-boosting MBA top-up course, as well. We know that success does not only come from classroom studies, and top-ups are perfect for students who have followed their own path in life.

A top-up program takes the knowledge you have gained in your previous studies and builds on it. This means more opportunity to explore your areas of interest and gain expertise. Entering the job market with a Bachelor-level degree shows your dedication and opens doors to higher-level, better-paid roles.

How can Eton University help you?

Our MBA top-up program provides a personalised way for you to launch your business career. Do it your way by taking our online route, allowing you to fit your studies around your routine while still being supported every step of the way.

On completion of your online MBA top-up, you will receive a degree accredited by the UK ‘Silver’ standard University of Chichester. Alternatively, travel to the UK to take your top-up degree at either the University of Bolton or the University of Sunderland in London. In just 7 months, you’ll have gained a coveted Masters degree in Business Administration.

If it’s a Bachelors top-up you are after, our partnerships mean a whole library of subjects are available to our students. Whether you want to study in London or Manchester, you can crown your studies off in Business, Computing and more.

Eton University has always recognised that every student has their individual route to where they want to be. Top-ups reflect the dedication you’ve demonstrated in your prior work, and pave the way for an even more prosperous future.

Explore Eton University's full range of Business, IT and Engineering and Education programs and find the perfect top-up path for you.


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