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The benefits of choosing a career in the ever changing industry of Information Technology

The ever-changing industry of Information Technology is what keeps the world ticking. Technology is involved in every aspect of people’s lives: from the new toy at the Christmas tree to the latest electronic gadget. Making a difference in the ever-expanding world of technology is why so many people choose to study IT in university.

In a time when technology seems so closely related to our lives, many of us are heading toward a career in Information Technology. This article is going to highlight the key pros to choosing your degree in IT:

Earning Potential

The industry’s high-paying salaries could put you close to or in the six-figure range. In fact, the median base salary for Software Engineers is currently sitting pretty at $105,563 per year. Most employers are looking for workers with at least a bachelor’s degree and with the increase in the demand for jobs in this industry it's no surprise the increase in the salaries that come with it.

Work Remote with Flexible Hours

Working with technology and computers is a full-time job. But you can have the job you love and have flexibility and comfort to work from home or in various other locations as long as you have a solid internet connection.

Constant learning Opportunity

Technology and computer related jobs are always evolving. You will be exposed to new technology, new applications and new approaches on how to perform better at your profession of choice. You will constantly keep your skills up to date and will be rewarded for doing so.

Variety of jobs to choose from

The world of work has so many different hats to wear. There are many different job areas within IT that you can easily change your career path with. Whether you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding job or want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, are looking for a long-term career, or switch gears and try something new, a career in technology offers plenty of opportunities. There’s a good chance you can find what you’re looking for in the tech industry.

To conclude… Technology is always on the rise, changing everything we know about the way we do things. It’s a great time in history for anyone looking for a new career with a fresh start. Make sure you’re prepared for this exciting change in the tech industry by taking an online degree!

Here at Eton University, we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of Information Technology. Our courses are specifically crafted to address today’s dynamic technologies and prepare technophile students for success in the IT industry and with our flexible distance learning method you can study your degree any time, anywhere!

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