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Should I study my degree online?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Text reads 'to learn or to e-learn? Everything you need to know about online further education' above the Eton University logo layered over a photo of a student sat at a desk taking notes

There is no simple answer to the question of whether you should pursue your studies online or in person.

For many students, nothing can replace the immersive environment of classroom-based learning. Yet online courses are becoming increasingly popular and with the rise in demand comes a rise in questions. Below are 10 reasons which should help you make an informed decision on whether you should study your undergraduate or postgraduate degrees online.

1. Flexibility

Study where you want, when you want. There are no scheduled classes and so you have complete freedom to choose your work hours.

2. Affordability

Save thousands on transport, accommodation, visa and tuition fees. Instalment payments are also available meaning that online further education is now accessible for the masses.

3. Accreditation

All Eton University programs are accredited, meaning our students are studying high quality qualifications provided by governmentally-approved awarding bodies.

4. Other commitments

You don’t need to take time out from your family, hobbies or work commitments. Our flexible programs allow for easy extension applications and you can even submit early if you wish!

5. Vast resources

We provide our students with a wealth of online support. There are handbooks, support materials and a range of online text books to help write your assignments.

6. Blended learning

For those who want to experience the life of a university student at home or in another country, we offer the chance to study blended learning. This means you will study part of the course online and the rest of it at our study centre in the UK!

7. High standards

All our business qualifications are standardised to the British education system. This means all assessment processes are standardised in the UK and the certificates are UK-accredited.

8. Culture

Experience education in another culture. Eton University has a global presence and we pride ourselves on bringing world-class culture and education to those who want it. Choose our blended method and you can experience that culture first-hand.

9. Support

Receive ongoing support throughout your studies. Online learning does not mean you need to study alone. Our staff are committed to guiding you and supporting you throughout your entire journey.

10. Career progression

If you’re already employed, studying online will help you further your career. It allows you to constantly add skills to your resume which you can start applying while you’re still learning.

It shows that you are ambitious and prepared for any new challenges, and will put your name on the short list for promotions, salary increases and other benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?

Eton University is proud to bring you two accredited business qualifications in partnership with the University of Bolton BSc (Hons) Business Management

and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Enquire today and choose your pathway towards a better future.

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