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Q&A Session with Miss Ayesha – World Police Summit Experience

Step into the world of law enforcement innovation and global collaboration as we delve into the insights of Miss Ayesha, an accomplished Eton University student and dedicated police officer, who recently participated in the Dubai Police Summit. Through an engaging Q&A session, she shares her memorable experiences, impactful moments, and valuable learnings from this esteemed event. Discover firsthand the transformative power of technology, the significance of

Photo credit: World Police Summit networking, and the unwavering dedication driving Miss Ayesha's journey in safeguarding communities and upholding justice.

Can you share any memorable or impactful moments from the summit? Were there any particular sessions or workshops at the summit that stood out to you? If so, why?

One of the standout moments at the summit was when I presented Dubai's latest technology in crime prediction software. It caught the attention of attendees because of its potential to transform law application worldwide. I felt confident in showcasing our expertise and how Dubai is leading in using technology for public safety.

How would you describe the atmosphere and networking opportunities at the summit?

The atmosphere was filled with excitement, and conversations flowed freely, raising valuable connections within the respected countries. Whether in scheduled sessions or informal gatherings, the summit provided an ideal setting for networking and collaboration globally. Attendees took the opportunity to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore potential partnerships, contributing to a energetic and developing experience for all involved.

In what ways did the summit exceed your expectations?

The summit exceeded my expectations in terms of the diverse and high-quality attendees, enhancing discussions, and well-organized sessions. It provided valuable understandings and networking opportunities beyond what I had expected.

Did you have the chance to engage with any prominent figures or leaders in the law enforcement field during the summit?

Yes, I had the opportunity to engage with important figures and leaders in

the law enforcement field during the

Photo credit: World Police Summit summit. I participated in discussions gaining valuable visions into current trends and challenges in law enforcement. These interactions provided me with a deeper understanding of the industry and opened paths for ability to collaborate and knowledge sharing.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to become a police officer?

Growing up in a respected and disciplined family, I've always been inspired by the dedication of our country's leaders to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. Witnessing their commitment encouraged in me a deep desire to serve my country in a similar capacity. This desire led me to follow a career in law enforcement. I was drawn to the idea of making a visible difference in people's lives, ensuring their safety and keeping the principles of justice and honesty. The opportunity to serve my community and contribute to the greater good motivates me every day as a police officer.

What are you most excited about experiencing or learning at the summit?

I am particularly excited about experiencing and learning from the summit's leading countries' innovative approaches to protecting their nations and the environment. This summit offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into new strategies, technologies, and dimensions in safeguarding both security and the environment. By engaging with experts and attending various sessions, I look forward to discovering effective practices and methodologies that can be applied to enhance our own efforts in ensuring the safety and sustainability of our country.

Can you share any memorable or impactful moments from your time serving as a police officer?

One especially memorable and impactful moment from my time serving as a police officer was when I helped reunite a missing child with their family. It was a challenging situation, but the relief and gratitude on the family's faces when we found their loved one safe and sound made all the hard work worth it.

How do you balance your duties as a police officer with your academic pursuits at the university?

It is very tough and difficult to manage, but I have a goal to acquire. As a single mother I would love to set an example and a strong foundation for my only daughter. I look forward to working harder to achieve my desire and stand up to my name. I work in the mornings and look after my loved ones in the afternoon. I however, manage my studies late midnight and especially weekends.

What advice would you give to other students who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement?

My advice to students interested in law enforcement is to focus on education, stay physically fit, gain relevant experience, and

Photo credit: World Police Summit uphold honesty. Pursue a degree in criminal justice, stay active, seek internships, or volunteer opportunities, and always prioritize honesty and serving your community.

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