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NEWS: Eton University students receive free access to Perlego, a prestigious online library

Updated: May 6, 2022

Aligned with our vision to deliver flexible and accessible education to everyone, we have collaborated with Perlego, the leading provider of online textbooks. Our latest partnership enables Eton University’s students to gain unlimited access to over 800,000 textbooks.

As an online university, we have students from all over the world. Many of them live in places far away from public libraries, or their libraries are not well equipped with relevant books in English language, which is another reason why we feel it is crucial to provide everyone with equal access to premium reading materials.

Although Eton University has always been providing the core reading materials that students needed to complete their studies, this partnership will significantly contribute to encouraging students to read wider, broader material and gain additional knowledge, anywhere at any time.

Perlego is a digital library focusing on the delivery of academic, professional and non-fiction e-books. It provides access to over 800,000 textbooks, with over 950 topics ranging from Business, IT, Education to Art, Sciences, Architecture and more.

Discover an online Eton University degree program to expand your career and your potential.

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