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NEWS: Eton University signs partnership with Think English, offers scholarship

Eton University and Think English announce a strategic partnership to enhance English language proficiency worldwide.

Eton University, an international distance learning institution of higher education, and Think English, an innovative English language learning platform, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at improving English language proficiency globally.

As English has become the global language of business, education, and communication, the demand for high-quality English language learning resources has skyrocketed. With this in mind, Eton University and Think English have joined forces to provide learners with access to the latest English language learning technologies and resources.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Think English to help students and professionals worldwide improve their English language skills," said Dr. Rea Dujmusic, Head of External Affairs at Eton University. "This partnership will allow us to leverage the best of our combined expertise and resources to offer a world-class English language learning experience to learners of all levels and backgrounds. Think English will be very beneficial for Eton’s students who want to study programs available in the English language, but don’t have enough knowledge of academic English to undertake the program, or whose knowledge is good but can be advanced to professional level. Moreover, students of Eton’s Arabic department, who don’t speak English, will find this opportunity to learn English very useful.”

Think English is the Notting Hill College UK English language department. It is a cutting-edge online platform that utilises advanced learning technologies, to provide personalised and engaging English language learning experiences. The platform features a comprehensive library of courses, interactive exercises, and assessments designed to improve all aspects of language proficiency, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

"We are excited to partner with Eton University to make our advanced English language learning platform accessible to learners worldwide," said Mr. Miles Dunton, Country Manager of Think English. "Our innovative platform, coupled with Eton University's reputation for academic excellence, will help learners achieve their language learning goals more efficiently and effectively."

Together, Eton University and Think English aim to help students and professionals from all over the world achieve fluency in English, unlocking new opportunities and enhancing their communication skills. This strategic partnership is a significant step towards making high-quality English language learning accessible to learners of all levels and backgrounds.

About Think English and Notting Hill College, UK:

Think English is the English language department of Notting Hill College. It is an innovative online language learning platform that leverages the latest learning technologies to provide personalised and engaging English language learning experiences. For more information visit

Notting Hill College is a British educational provider accredited by the British accreditation council ( BAC) and approved centre for TQUK programs.The institution is located in Greater Manchester and has representative centres in different countries such as Turkey, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

Think English programs available:

  • General English ( all levels)

  • English Conversation

  • IELTS preparation course

  • TOEFl preparation Course

  • Business English

  • Legal English

  • English courses for kids and young learners

  • Proofreading & Translation services courses

  • Foreign languages: Turkish, French, German

Beside online courses, customized courses to study languages are available at the premises in Manchester, UK and Istanbul, Turkey.

Scholarship for students available

Until 1st of May, Think English offers a scholarship in the amount of 95% to join an English beginners course. The scholarship is available to Arabic students at Eton University.

Students of Eton University English department can benefit from 20% discount on the following Think English courses:

Business English, IELTS preparation, and Academic writing workshop. The Academic writing workshop focuses on proper academic writing techniques, using academic language effectively, paraphrasing, quoting and referencing.

Fore more information about the scholarship or English language courses available, contact the UK Country Manager Mr. Miles.

WhatsApp: +441615131355

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