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Eton University's Success at NORDSCI International Conference on Social Sciences

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

At Eton University, we take immense pride in our commitment to academic excellence. It's in this spirit that we were thrilled to be a part of the 6th Edition of the NORDSCI International Conference on Social Sciences. In partnership with the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, this conference proved to be a vibrant forum for knowledge exchange across various disciplines.

A Diverse Range of Disciplines

The NORDSCI International Conference on Social Sciences is an annual conference where lecturers and PhD students can present papers and attend workshops and sessions based around Education & Language, Business & Economics, Law & Political Science and Sociology, Healthcare & Philosophy. The conference allowed us to engage with fellow scholars and experts from across the globe, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and innovation.

Celebrating Academic Excellence

We are delighted to announce that one of our own, Prof. Soha Tarek, received the prestigious Best Paper Award during the conference. Prof. Tarek's academic paper, "The Philosophy of Education from Ancient Greece to Educational Technology," was recognized for its exceptional quality and insight. Prof. Tarek serves as the Head of Student Affairs at Eton University and is a highly regarded lecturer in the field of Education and Training. Her achievement underscores Eton University's dedication to academic excellence.

Sharing Knowledge Globally

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our students who presented their exceptional academic papers as part of this year’s conference:

  • Mrs. Mais Abdullah, a prominent member of the Eton University community, shared two enlightening papers. The first, titled "Role of Comparative Arab Legislation in Enhancing Criminal Protection for Commercial Companies from Electronic Penetration," explores the critical intersection of law and technology. In her second paper, "The Impact of Developing the Smart Litigation System in Consolidating the Right of Defense for Litigants in Comparative Arab Legislation," Mrs. Abdullah delves into the legal aspects of litigation support.

  • Mr. Omar Jemhawi offered valuable insights into the "Impact of Foreign Investment on Saudi Arabia's Economy." His research sheds light on the global implications of foreign investment in the Middle East.

  • Miss Nour Abuateyh conducted a systematic literature review, focusing on "The Role of School Leaders in Developing Strategic Plans for School Transformation in Times of Crisis." Nour's research explores the critical role of educational leadership in times of significant change.

These presentations demonstrated the depth and breadth of expertise within the Eton University community. We are immensely proud of our students' dedication to their respective fields and their commitment to sharing knowledge on the global stage.

Exploring Beyond Borders

At Eton University, we believe that knowledge knows no borders. The NORDSCI International Conference on Social Sciences provided a platform for our academic community to engage with scholars from diverse backgrounds, foster cross-cultural understanding, and contribute to global conversations on critical issues.

We invite you to watch the presentations by our esteemed scholars on YouTube. The links are provided below:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the NORDSCI International Conference on Social Sciences for the opportunity to engage in meaningful scholarly dialogue and to our students and faculty for their outstanding contributions. This experience further underscores our commitment to fostering excellence in education and research.

You can view the offical announcement here:

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring insights from Eton University as we continue our journey of academic exploration and discovery.

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