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Eton University and Notting Hill College Join Forces to Enhance TESOL Education

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Eton University has recently entered into a progressive partnership agreement with Notting Hill College (NHC), a leading provider of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) courses. The collaboration aims to offer students an enriched academic experience and seamless transition from NHC to Eton University's Master in TESOL program.

The formal agreement between Eton University and Notting Hill College establishes a clear pathway for aspiring educators who wish to pursue a career in TESOL. Under the terms of this progression agreement, students who successfully complete a (a graduate-level) TESOL course at NHC and obtain a diploma will be eligible to join Eton University's Master in TESOL program with advanced standing.

By granting up to 40 credits from Notting Hill College, Eton University acknowledges the quality of education and skills acquired by NHC students. This credit transfer will significantly reduce the assessment workload for four subjects at Eton University.

The partnership between Eton University and Notting Hill College follows an articulation arrangement, which is a distinctive form of partnership in the education sector. Under this arrangement, learners enrolled in a designated course of study at a partner provider, such as Notting Hill College, are automatically entitled to be admitted with advanced standing to a subsequent part or year of a degree program at Eton University, subject to successfully completing the course.

This collaboration will not only benefit students but also strengthen the academic offerings of both institutions. Eton University will further enhance its Master in TESOL program by welcoming highly qualified individuals who have completed their TESOL diploma at Notting Hill College. These students will bring their diverse perspectives and valuable experiences to the program, enriching the learning environment for all.

Dr. Rea Dujmusic, the Vice-President of Eton University, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are delighted to establish this partnership with Notting Hill College, which aligns with our mission to provide exceptional education in the field of TESOL. By recognizing the achievements of NHC students and offering them advanced standing, we aim to create a seamless academic pathway and nurture the next generation of talented English language educators."

As Eton University and Notting Hill College embark on this exciting venture, they aim to shape the future of TESOL education by empowering aspiring educators and fostering innovation in the teaching of English as a second language. This partnership exemplifies their shared commitment to excellence, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and globally recognized education in TESOL.

For more information about Eton University's Master in TESOL program and the progression agreement with Notting Hill College, please contact our student advisors.

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