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Welcome to a transformative collaboration between Eton University’s Continuous Development Center (EUCDC) and the distinguished Notting Hill College UK—an eminent British educational provider specializing in advanced education and vocational training. Notting Hill College UK proudly holds accreditation from the esteemed British Accreditation Council (BAC) and approval as a TQUK-recognized center, aligning courses with the rigorous Qualifications Credit Framework overseen by Ofqual. 

Empowering Educators to Train the Future

Embark on a journey of professional growth with our 'Training of Trainers' course, a fundamental stepping stone for ambitious educators aspiring to become proficient trainers across a spectrum of domains. This intensive online diploma equips you with essential knowledge and skills to craft and conduct impactful training programs, whether in the physical realm or the digital landscape. 

Diploma in Training of Trainers (TOT): Shaping Educational Leaders

The Diploma in Training of Trainers (TOT) is a gateway to becoming a certified, internationally-recognized trainer, proficient in delivering high-caliber training sessions across diverse sectors. This program is tailored for a broad audience, encompassing teachers, trainers, managers, coaches, public speakers, instructors, and bloggers.

Diploma in Training of Trainers (TOT) Powered by Notting Hill College UK

Shaping future educators and leaders.

Module 1: Differentiation between Teaching Adults and Teaching Children

Understand the distinctive learning goals and methodologies for adult and young learners.

Module 2: Tools of Planning 

Grasp the essentials of building a comprehensive training plan from the ground up.

Module 3: Teaching Methods 

Explore a spectrum of teaching methods tailored to different learner profiles. Module 4: Class Preparation and Self-Preparation Learn the critical aspects of preparing a conducive physical classroom and personal preparation tools.

Module 5: Communication Skills 

Emphasize the crucial role of communication skills in managing sessions, engaging diverse personalities, and enhancing presentation abilities.

Module 6: Different Roles of Trainers 

Explore the diverse roles trainers undertake in the training room, from being facilitators to supervisors and mentors.

Module 7: Coaching Skills

Understand the meaning and significance of coaching in nurturing growth and development, whether within an organization or a classroom.

Module 8: Tools of Delivering and Managing a Virtual Training 

Delve into the essential aspects of managing engaging online training sessions and the requisite software for a compelling virtual learning experience.

Module 9: Capacity Building

Learn about the power of capacity building in empowering individuals, enabling them to unearth their hidden competencies.

Module 10: Evaluation and Assessment 

Recognize the pivotal role of assessment in elevating the quality of learning content and improving student performance. 

This collaboration between Eton University’s Continuous Development Center and Notting Hill College UK is dedicated to empowering educators. Join us to amplify your capabilities, advance your career as an educational leader, or embark on a fulfilling journey within the non-formal education sector, armed with a Diploma in Training of Trainers (TOT).

Program Structure

3 US credits

Hybrid & Distance Learning with accessible materials 24/7

A fast track to a Master’s in Coaching & Mentoring

Working in Lab
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