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Collaboration for Excellence: Eton University’s Continuous Development Center and Health Sciences & Safety Institute (HSSI) Embark on a transformative educational journey with the collaborative effort of Eton University’s Continuous Development Center (EUCDC) and the esteemed Health Sciences & Safety Institute (HSSI). This collaboration showcases the pinnacle of specialized education, honing the skills and knowledge of healthcare and laboratory professionals to navigate the dynamic landscape of their respective domains. This comprehensive diploma program, comprising 3 credits, serves as a stepping stone towards a prospective Master's degree in healthcare and laboratory management, empowering professionals to lead and innovate within their specialized fields. 

Pioneering Excellence in Laboratory Management

This program amalgamates managerial expertise with practical insights essential for laboratory operations, including safety protocols, environmental awareness, regulatory compliance, specialized IT systems, effective communications, record- keeping, and technical writing - all indispensable aspects of successful laboratory management.

Diploma in Laboratory Management Powered by HSSI

Elevating laboratory excellence for the future.

Module 1: Introduction to Laboratory Regulations

Gain profound insights into the regulatory landscape governing laboratories, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency. 

Module 2: Good Laboratory Practice

Delve into fundamental principles of good laboratory practice, essential for precision and accuracy in laboratory operations.

Module 3: Standards, Good Practices, and Laboratory Quality Management Systems

Explore industry standards and best practices, enhancing the quality of laboratory operations and management. 

Module 4: Laboratory Information Management

Comprehend the strategic implementation of information technology systems in laboratory operations and data management.

Module 5: Leadership and Communication

Develop leadership skills and effective communication strategies critical for managing laboratories and fostering a collaborative team environment.

Module 6: Laboratory and Research Ethics

Navigate the ethical considerations and guidelines inherent in laboratory practices and research, fostering a culture of responsibility and integrity. 

The collaboration between Eton University’s Continuous Development Center and the Health Sciences & Safety Institute is poised to transform the laboratory management landscape, preparing individuals to lead and innovate in this critical field, with the added advantage of a special discount for EUCDC participants.

Program Structure

3 US credits

Distance Learning with accessible materials 24 /7

A track to a Master’s in Healthcare Management

Working in Lab
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