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Illuminating Autism: Bridging Gaps, Transforming Lives

In a world where understanding opens doors to compassion and progress, delving into the intricacies of autism is not just a choice—it's an imperative. Autism isn't a singular experience; it's a diverse spectrum that warrants a nuanced understanding. At Eton University Continuous Development Center, we recognize the transformative power of this understanding.

Certification in autism specialization is a testament to your commitment to be a catalyst for change. It signifies a profound understanding of the challenges and unique strengths that individuals on the autism spectrum possess. Through certification, we empower you to make informed decisions, offer meaningful support, and foster inclusive environments for autistic individuals.

Partnering for Progress: Eton University Continuous Development Center and IBCCES

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a global leader in cognitive disorder training and certification. Through this collaboration, Eton University Continuous Development Center students receive an exclusive 30% discount on the registration fee for a professional certification focused on autism.

Through the Autism Specialist Certification program, we aspire to create a cadre of informed professionals, ready to navigate the complexities of autism, champion awareness, and make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Certified Autism Specialist Certificate

Fostering inclusivity and support for all students.

Available in English and Arabic.

Module 1: Unveiling Autisms Spectrum

Delve into the diverse world of autism, understanding its various characteristics and origins. 

Module 2: Early Intervention Mastery 

Recognize how early identification and targeted interventions can shape brighter futures. 

Module 3: Empowering Communication & Behavior 

Discover effective strategies for fostering communication and managing behaviors positively. 

Module 4: Inclusive Education for Autistic Children 

Equip yourself to create empowering classroom environments that celebrate diversity and nurture the potential of every child, fostering a truly inclusive educational experience. 

Module 5: Mastering Teaching Techniques 

Gain specialized teaching approaches, from structured learning to sensory integration. 

Module 6: Collaborative Support

Build strong partnerships with families and professionals for holistic care. 

Join us in our Autism Specialist Certification program provided by Eton University Continuous Development Center and embrace the journey to become an autism expert.

Program Structure

6 US credits

Virtual Classes with expert trainers

Track to Master’s in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Working in Lab
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