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British MBA - Online

Get Qualified in 1 Year

Validated and Awarded by a Top UK University

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At Eton University, we want to break through the barriers which stop professionals from investing in their career.

We are now proud to introduce our online MBA which is easily accessible for professionals of all backgrounds.

Advance your career with a British MBA degree

Online in 1 Year!

Our online MBA program ticks all the boxes for a valuable, accredited and rewarding postgraduate degree which will increase your earnings and boost your career.

  • 100% online – bringing British education to your door

  • Accredited – delivered through OTHM

  • Fast – complete in as little as one year

  • Double the rewards – achieve a level 7 diploma in strategic leadership and management in the first term

  • Affordable – don’t quit your job and save money on tuition, accommodation and much more

  • Applicable – an MBA can be applied to any business

  • Support – receive online support from our tutors no matter where you are


If you want to be the next high-flyer in your field, Eton University’s Online MBA program will give you the skills you need to excel in functional competence, strategic knowledge and problem-solving ability. Achieve it all with less stress, less expense – do it all from home!

Modules include

Strategic Leadership
Strategic Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Globalization and Corporate Governance

More optional modules available!

Want more from your studies?

Why not add value to your education and study part-time in the UK?


6 weeks of intensive training in Manchester to kick-start your learning and help boost your chances of success.

Eton University will support you in;


-Organizing accommodation

-Applying for your Visa

-Sightseeing around Manchester

-Learning about British culture


Take your MBA experience to the next level and come study with us in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the UK


6 weeks tuition in the UK


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