Competitive Prices with No Impact on Quality

At Eton University we aim to make your money go further. Therefore, our international student tuition fees are competitive and the cost of living in Manchester is lower than in London and many other large cities.

Get the best tuition for the best price

Please find our full range of tuition fees detailed below.

*all fees include program delivery, assessment, certificate delivery, one assignment submission and one re-submission (if required), per each assignment.

** If a visa is required, students must take a minimum of 4 subjects. If a student does not require a visa they may only take 1 subject.

Additional Fees for British Accredited Qualifications

Admission Fees (non-refundable)


Visa Assistance (non-refundable)


Graduation Fee per certificate


FCO and Embassy Attestation (optional)

Prices may vary

Personalised Packages Available

Seasonal Offers Available

Find out what offers are currently available today

English Programs


per quarter

Academic English

21 hours tuition per week for 12 weeks


Business English

42 hours tuition over two weeks

IELTS Preparation

Price may vary depending on the number of hours needed

*all fees include program delivery, materials, assessment, certificate delivery

Additional Fees for English Programs

Admission Fees (non-refundable)


Placement test


Visa Assistance (non-refundable)


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With a vast range of course and options available, it can be easy to get lost.


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