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Eton University are proud to partner with Cambridge University Press to provide exciting English courses through our School of Languages. 

Using Cambridge’s cutting-edge online learning environment, you’ll be motivated to improve your General English and even empowered to achieve the IELTS score you’re aiming for. You are provided with structured learning plans which push you to achieve your goals whilst also working online at your own pace.

Like what you see? We’ll guide you through the whole enrolment process. Enquire now and let us handle your university application from start to finish.

Why learning English online with Cambridge is great!

Motivating coursebooks with rich content including video, audio and a wide variety of activities


Great dynamic web 2.0 content such as wikis, blogs and forums


Instant feedback on assessment


Flexibility – study where you want, when you want


Fun language learning games


Animated grammar presentations


As well as the fantastic online facilities, our experienced team can provide face-to-face tuition in the heart of Manchester, UK. Our Eton University English teachers will tailor-make you the perfect plan of study. Each lesson will provide you with skills that will last well beyond your course. You will be taught at our UK headquarters in Manchester, England – a culture-rich city where you’ll have the chance to put your newfound language confidence to use.

Not at IELTS level yet? We’re here to prepare you with our General English courses. 20 hours a week of bespoke tuition with our British-national teachers will see your English abilities enhanced. 

Personalisation is at the heart of what we offer. Our courses are student-centred, fully accredited, and offer a pathway to wherever in your career or education you want to go next.

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Quick Details

Duration: 20 hours per week – contact our advisors for a personalised plan

Price: £400


Eligibility: We can help all levels of English speakers!

Course Structure

Is your current level between beginner and intermediate?


Begin with General English 

Stage One

1A        1B

Stage Two

2A        2B

Stage Three

3A        3B

Stage Four

4A        4B

Once you complete stage four you have two options;

Option One

Complete the final two stages of General English

Stage Five

5A        5B

Stage Six

6A        6B

Option Two

Begin studying for IELTS

Stage One

1A        1B

Stage Two

2A        2B

Stage Three

3A        3B

Other bespoke packages available...

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