Master of Business Administration


Master of Business Administration - is one of the most coveted post-graduate qualifications across the world. Graduates of all types - engineers, science, arts, commerce, doctors - aspire to this qualification. The reason is clear - an MBA is the most widely recognized and respected qualification in management and business, and a launching pad to a successful career.The program attempts to nurture future business leaders through a rigorous training of managerial skills, analytical reasoning, critical thinking, ethics, and conventional business wisdom.


The MBA degree at Eton University provides a combination of vocational core courses & elective courses that prepare you to handle complex business situations. The MBA program at Eton University is tailored to help you navigate the challenges of a changing business climate and become the leader you aspire to be at a budget & time frame that work around your busy life.


Since 2010 Eton University is offering you an online MBA degree at a fraction of its cost, now we gives you a great opportunity to top up your degree in one of five accredited universities in the UK. Now there are no burdens towards your dream in career development. 


If you are looking for a flexible way to study your MBA, affordable fees that suit your monthly income, a world-class education is within reach, wherever you are. Look no further.

Program Content

At Eton University, there's a wide world of business out there,

so start exploring to find the right path for your future.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Finance for Strategic Managers

  • Research for Strategic Development

  • Organisational Behaviour

  • Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management

Optional units
  • International Business Environment

  • Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction

  • International Finance

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Strategic Marketing

  • International Marketing

  • Corporate Communications

  • Human Resource Management

  • Managing Continuous Organisational Improvement

Phase 1

Learners should take the five core units and a further four units from the optional list below.

Core Units

Phase 2

Capstone course in a major of your choicecan be completed in

Manchester – UK for more practical experience with extra charge.

Phase 3

Upon the completion of phase 1, you can apply for an MBA top-up program at one of the below accredited universities in the UK. Top up stage typically takes from 4 months to one year based on your grades. Fee is different according to your top up choice.

  • Western International College (WINC) Online, Awarded by London Metropolitan University

  • Northampton University

  • University of Sunderland

  • University of Bolton

  • University of Gloucestershire

Inspite of not listing in CHEA; Eton University Graduation Services ensure the level of quality in the education you receive at our institution. It also ensures your degrees will be recognized for the true achievements they are.

Your Graduation Package Includes:
Graduation Package

Registration Fee: 140 USD

Monthly Installments (choose your suitable package)

  • Six months installments: 870 USD per month

  • Nine months installments: 575 USD per month

  • Twelve months installments: 435 USD per month

Graduation Fee: 1360 USD

  • ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (accredited in the UK and worldwide, equivalent to vocational master degree) after the completion of phase 1.

  • Eton University MBA degree certificate and transcript

  • ( attested by the US Secretary of State and your embassy)

Why MBA at Eton University

You deserve a flexible, high-quality MBA program with a curriculum relevant to your industry.

Eton University MBA degree program:

  • Develops competencies that add value to your organization and prepare you for leadership roles

  • Fits well into your busy professional life.

  • Is focused on your career.

  • Needs no physical residency requirements

  • Provides flexible admissions

  • Is priced very affordably

  • Offers the least duration for completion

  • Requires no GMAT Exam

  • Accepts  your ex-earned credits

  • Needs stress-free  graduation requirements

  • Can be top up to accredited MBA in the UK at a fraction of the cost and time.