Meet the Staff

Our team from various departments work closely together to help students achieve their aspirations. From the moment that our students receive the initial information about the University and start the enrollment process, through their academic journey, and all the way to completing the final graduation steps, students will always have a dedicated team of people supporting them along the way.


Eton University, as a truly international university, is proud to employ the multicultural staff; from The United States, Great Britain, Croatia and Serbia, to Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Philippines- more than 10 different nationalities are working together as one. You are invited to meet our dedicated team!

Dr Gabrielle Hargreaves

Dr. Gabrielle Hargreaves

Dr Celeste Castaldo

Dr. Celeste Castaldo

Dr Rowan El-Awwad

Dr. Rowan El-Awwad

Dr Amira Sakr

Dr. Amira Sakr

Mr Paul Woodcock

Mr Paul Woodcock

Ms Judy Linatoc

Ms. Judy Linatoc

Dr Heba Hamza

Dr. Heba Hamza

Donia El-Awaad

Eng. Donia El-Awwad

Dr Sanaz Esmaylian

Dr. Sanaz Esmaylian

Ms Dijana Rajkovic

Ms. Dijana Rajkovic

Prof Dr Abdelraouf Fouad

Prof. Dr. Abdelraouf Fouad

Ms Doaa Yousef

Ms. Doaa Yousef

Dr Amy Johnson

Dr. Amy Johnson

Ms Jamelyn Lucero

Ms.  Jamelyn Lucero

Prof Dr Mohamed El-Khouli

 Prof. Dr. Mohamed El-Khouli  

Mr Esam Oraby

Mr. Esam Oraby