Master of Arts in TESOL

Course Overview

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The online Master of Arts in TESOL equips prospective teachers with the skills to teach English language to a global audience. Our programme prepares you for a variety of classroom situations and provides a detailed insight into the theoretical and practical knowledge that encompassess second language teaching.

Throughout the programme, students will study essential modules such as Second Language Learning, Second Language Teaching, Language and Linguistics and Research Methods, all of which will prepare them to be both a successful teacher and effective researcher.

The range of assessment methods will provide the student with a strong practical foundation for future development in any area of English language teaching or research. As the course is delivered online, students will have the flexibility of being able to study at their own pace.


The syllabus has ten mandatory modules and carries a total of 36 credits. Assessment varies from module to module. There are both written and practical assessments.

  1. Second Language Learning

  2. Language and Linguistics

  3. Second Language Teaching - Listening & Speaking

  4. Second Language Teaching - Reading & Writing

  5. Materials and Course Design

  6. Teaching and Learning Online - TESOL in the Digital Era

  7. Classroom Observation and Assessment

  8. Learning Psychology  

  9. Classroom Management

  10. Research Methods

  11. Thesis

36 credits​

driven by our mission to


is normally one year (extensions are available)

4 quarters, each is 11 weeks

Fast track option available

Access to a range of online resources

Study at your own pace

impact student learning one educator at a time

equips you to be a teacher who is memorable and influential in every aspect of the school community.

COST  $4,500


Eton University welcomes applications from graduates of all fields who are interested TESOL study. The following are required for application:

  • a pass in recognized Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline of a minimum 3 years study duration

  • upper intermediate level of written English

  • experience in English teaching is highly recommended


With a vast range of course and options available, it can be easy to get lost.


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