International students are an important and integral part of the University. With small classes and personalized approach, international students have the chance to intimately learn about British culture. The Office of International Student Services helps international students with information, and advices about immigration issues, provides support for academic and cultural adjustment, and offers a range of opportunities for customizing the educational packages according to student’s preferences.

Services we offer


Immigration – VISA support

The International Student Support team provides a professional and dedicated advisory service to all prospective international students. Applying for visa outside the UK can be complicated but with the proper guidance provided by our team, we can ensure you a smooth and easy application process. Eton University issues an acceptance letter needed to apply for a short term study visa (up to 6 months) and full guidance and support during the visa application process.


Personal tutoring

Although we normally teach in small groups, some students may want to opt for more personalized approach. We are offering 1 to 1 tuition where tutors will be fully dedicated to tailor the pace and content of the course according to your preferences.



International students coming to study in Manchester don’t have to worry about their transportation from the Manchester airport to hotel and vice versa. Students can apply for an airport pick up and drop off service.



Finding a temporary place to call home in a new city can prove challenging. Whether a student prefers a modest hostel, luxurious hotel or sharing a room in a family house, we can help finding and booking the right accommodation that will be in a close proximity to the University.



Instead of just coming to attend a course, our students are being offered an option to customize their package with sightseeing tours in Manchester and trips to other cities in the UK. Explore everything that UK has to offer; gain new knowledge and skills, earn a certificate and return with a memorable holiday experience!

Interested to know how can we customize your educational package according to your preferences?