Student's Guide for Graduation

All Eton University students who expect to graduate should begin an ongoing graduation check with their academic advisors in order to inquire whether they are meeting the university and program requirements for their degree and for graduation.

All students are encouraged to review their academic progress and contact their academic advisor requesting for a list of their remaining requirements prior to registering for their final quarter.

After students' request has been processed, their academic advisor will e-mail them a graduation review listing their courses remaining to graduate. If they do not successfully complete these courses, their remaining requirements will need to be revised.

Students verify that they are registered for the courses listed on their “Courses Remaining for Graduation” which they have received from the academic advisor. Should students notice any discrepancies, they need to notify their advisor.

  • Students are required to apply for graduation once they have completed the last quarter and received the grades for the final exams.

  • After completing all the academic requirements, students must download an application for graduation, fill the form, sign it and

  • submit to

  • Students will not be included on the final graduation list or receive their qualification if they do not complete this step.

  • Before submitting, students should verify that all their program information is listed correctly in the application. Students should make sure their name on the certificate is accurate. If a student has his/her name legally changed, they complete the Request for Change of Name on Record Form with the Office of the Registrar.

  • Neither the certificate nor the transcript will be released until all University fees have been paid.

A graduation committee is held a month after each quarter's results are announced to look into graduates' files and decide on them. A graduation letter is sent to graduate students after the committee decision.

Certificates and graduate documents are mailed to the student's home address 10 to 12 weeks after the graduation application has been processed

Step One

Request a graduation review

Step Two

Check your email

Step Three

Review course registration and complete the academic requirements 

Step Four

Submit graduation 


Step Five

Receive graduation letter

Step Six

Receive your graduation package