Graduation Package

Eton University grants its degrees based on its Delaware and Belize license. With these quailifications, students receive an official certificate and transcript. Optional attestation packages are detailed below.

All degrees and certificates issued by Eton University contain a verification code which enables any person in possession of a degree, such as a graduate or its future employer, to verify its authenticity on Eton University website. To verify the degree, click here.

The University is also authorized to offer a Postgraduate Diplomas in Business through ATHE. These qualifications are regulated by the UK government body Ofqual. Students who study these programs will receive an Eton University certificate and ATHE certificate.

Attestation Explained

Foreign Credential Evaluation Report

A Foreign Credential Evaluation Report ensures a smooth mobility between jobs and educational institutions in the United States and Canada.

U.S. Secretary of State Certification

U.S Secretary of State (Maryland, California or Delaware) is a U.S. Government Office that authenticates and attests the validity of private credentials.

U.S. Department of State Authentication/ Apostille

The US. Department of State attests the legal documents, making them possible to use worldwide. This is the highest form of attestation.

The Difference Between the Authentication and Apostille

Apostille will be required for the list of countries that fall under the Apostille process established by the Hague Convention. Currently there are 97 countries that require this process be adhered to with all official documents including university degrees. For non-Apostille countries the Authentication is needed. There are 81 countries that do not subscribe to the Hague Convention, but still need to have official documents verified in order to be used in those countries.