Frequently asked questions

What is Eton University?

Eton University is an International institution of higher education legalized in the State of Delaware, USA and Belize, America to offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in various fields, while our featured degree programs include Business Administration and Education. Eton University is a recognized Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) center. EU believes that higher education should be accessible to everyone, which is why our programs are delivered both via distance learning and through classroom-based lectures in our authorized study center in Manchester – UK and our Branch Campus in Alexandria - Egypt. We’re expanding in terms of location, so please keep on following our 'Contact us' page for more updates.

Where is the University located?

Eton University is located in 1000 N. West Street, Delaware, USA. Eton University has an authorized study centre in Manchester, UK, and Branch Campuses in Fujairah, UAE and Alexandria, Egypt. Eton University is seeking to expand its network of accredited centers, branch campuses and information centers to reach its students and those who’re interested in its academic degree wherever they are. You can schedule an interview online or in campus with one of our academic advisors by filling the from in the below link:

What programs do you offer?

Eton University is legalized to offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate Degrees in different fields. We also offer Diplomas and Extended Diplomas in the field of Business through ATHE. Through partnership with the University of Bolton we are also able to recruit students for a variety of Degrees and Postgraduate degrees in a many different fields of study. Please visit our programs page for more information.

Is Eton University accredited?

Eton University has not been accredited yet, but we are currently in the process of obtaining an accreditation and getting listed under CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation, USA). Although not yet governmentally accredited in the USA, our most recent recognition comes from the awarding body ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education), which provides qualifications that are placed on Ofqual’s register of regulated qualifications. This register is recognized by Higher Education Providers including universities and maps to the European Qualifications Framework. Furthermore, Eton University graduates receive their certificates attested by the US Secretary of State, which is a US governmental stamp that proves authenticity of granted certificates plus embassy attestation which provides local acceptance of the obtained certificates wherever our students are.

What is the ranking of Eton University?

Currently Eton University is not participating in the rankings as this is normally reserved for governmentally accredited universities, however, we are looking forward to start participating

in the rankings after we receive the accreditation.

Why should I study with Eton University?

We are offering professional degrees and vocational programs that will help you gain knowledge and skills needed to prepare you for the workplace and advance you into a leadership position. Programs are tailored for educators and professionals who want to direct and implement change at their organizations, as well as to those who are seeking for official recognition of their knowledge.

Moreover, Eton University provides degrees that are flexible, affordable, and rapid. Eton University's smart and blended learning experiences bring a lot for students who are not able to leave their present jobs as there is a great flexibility on part of location, time and study environment. Our degree programs offer you the fastest path to career success because they are designed to build upon your business fundamentals and get you back in the workforce with new skills and knowledge that will propel your career forward at the least duration possible.

Aligned with our vision that higher education should be for all, we are offering a premium education at affordable fee which makes it easy for you to devote resources to build up your future. We offer payment plans that make us far more affordable than many other choices.

Will my certificate be recognized in my country?

Each country has different rules and regulations when it comes to recognition of foreign degrees. When in doubt, students are advised to consult with their employers or institution in charge of recognition of foreign degrees, prior to enrolling in a program.

In most places, Eton University attestation package is sufficient to earn recognition from employers or the government worldwide. However, due to differences in academic regulations around the world, Eton University cannot guarantee the recognition.

What does graduation package include?

Eton University standard graduation package includes the following:

  • Eton University degree
  • Eton University official transcript
The $1000 optional graduation package includes;
  • Foreign Credential Evaluation Report
  • US Secretary of State certification
  • US Department of State authentication/apostille

What is a Foreign Credential Evaluation Report?

All our students are provided with a Foreign Credential Evaluation Report. The FCE report is provided to graduates in order to ensure a smooth mobility between their jobs and educational institutions in the United States and Canada. Our Foreign Credential Evaluation Report issuers are fully accredited credential evaluation agencies.

Can I attest my degree by the embassy?

Yes, Eton University degree can be attested by your embassy of choice. The embassy attestation is not mandatory, and as such it is not included in the standard attestation package.

The embassy attestation will be provided upon student's request and it is paid additionally, depending on the embassy charges.

How can I apply?

Each student needs to fill the application form and submit to University along with other supporting documents: One recent passport size photograph, passport copy, address proof, copy of relevant previously obtained educational certificates, including a statement of grades, evidence of satisfying the English Language requirements (where applicable), and evidence of application payment. ​The application should be sent along with supporting documents to , online or directly to your Student Advisor.

When can I start?

At Eton University, we accept applications for each quarter. Our Calendar System divides the academic year into four quarters, three of which constitute our complete academic year. Quarters at Eton University are typically 11 weeks long so that three quarters amount to 33 weeks. Generally our academic year is divided as follows:

  • A fall quarter from late September to mid-December
  • A winter quarter from mid-January to early April
  • A spring quarter from mid-April to late July
  • And an optional summer term from late July to mid-September

To know about the admission period for the coming

quarter please contact our academic advisors

How can I make a payment?

An invoice for the payment will be issued and students can pay their registration and tuition fees using any of the following payment methods:

Bank transfer
Eton University USA

Bank of America

Bank address: 3881 Alton Pkwy Ste B, Irvine, CA 92606-8295

Eton university address: University Tower

4199 Campus Drive, Suite 550

Irvine, CA 92612

Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Account number: 325030971648

Online Payment can be done via our secure online payment system by using a debit/credit card

After completing the payment, students will receive a payment confirmation slip.

How can I access my learning resources?

Students are provided with digital learning materials via Moodle (learning management system).

Where will my exam be held?

Exams and assignments are available on Moodle. Examination period schedule is posted on Moodle one month prior to exam due date. Students who have an exam on a certain date will download their exam questions and upload their answers within the provided timeframe. Students who are required to write assignments in a form of an essay or case study will have assignment questions available on Moodle from the beginning of the quarter. These types of assignments will need to be uploaded by the end of the quarter, which means that students have a full quarter (11 weeks) to work on their assignments.

Where will I study?

Classroom and distance learning are both available. If you choose classroom-based lessons, you can join our intensive programs at our study center in Manchester, UK or at our Branch Campuses in Fujairah, UAE and Alexandria, Egypt. Students who find distance learning more convenient can study online from any location.

Is there any academic support provided to distance learning students?

Yes. Students can email their academic advisor requesting assistance with their studies. Whenever possible, an email will be answered within 48 hours. If a student wants to discuss particular academic related issues face to face with their tutor, a video session(s) can be booked at the additional charge per hour.

Can I postpone my exams?

Students are expected to submit all exams as scheduled. Eton University policy states that exams will not be postponed for situations occuring during the semester that cause a student to lose study time. Adjustments to the exam schedule will only be made if a student is experiencing an extraordinary personal matter or emergency situtation which presents an unavoidable conflict with the exam. Examples of this include an issue related to the heath, death of a family member, or other compelling circumstances.

When can I expect to receive my exam results?

Four weeks after the quarter exam submission dates, students will be issued with an unofficial transcript on Moodle, after each quarter. The unofficial transcript is free of charge and will be available to download from Moodle. If you need the official transcript, stamped and shipped to your address, this will cost $50 and you will receive it within 4 weeks.

Do I need to apply for graduation?

Students are required to apply for graduation once they have completed the last quarter and received the grades for the final exams. After completing all the academic and financial requirements, students need to download an application for graduation from the website, fill the form, sign it and submit to

For detailed steps on how to apply for graduation, kindly visit

How will I receive my certificate?

10 to 12 weeks after the graduation application has been processed and degree confirmed by graduation committee, certificates and graduate documents are shipped to the student's home address. The graduation committee is being held four times in a year, Can I postpone my exams? Yes. If you believe you will not be able to meet the exam deadline, you need to email your student advisor requesting an extension stating your reasons for postponing, at least 48 hours prior to exams starting date. two weeks after each quarter exam results are been officially announced.

Can I see the university before I apply?

You’re more than welcome. You’re advised to explore Eton University degree programs at your own pace and learn more about our services through scheduling an online face to face meeting, or by visiting us at our Manchester study center.

How can I verify Eton University's legal status in Delaware?

You can verify Eton University legal status directly on the State of Delaware data base, by visiting the below website:

In the search box titled 'Entity Name' write 'Eton University'. The result will appear for "ETON UNIVERSITY INC" with a file number and legalization details.