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Business English is very different than casual, general English that you may hear on the TV in movies, reality shows, on the radio, or use in everyday conversations with people around you.  While you can easily learn the general vocabulary and grammar structures and pick up phrases just by listening to the spoken language, this is not often the case with business English. 

There are rules in formal writing and oral expression that can typically be heard only in the business setting, and if you will wait to get into the workplace to start learning about proper business correspondence, it might be too late. Practice takes time, and it could take a lot of informal, sloppy emails and weak presentations until your business English improves. Communicating in a business setting without knowing business English is very likely to come across as unprofessional, which affects both employee’s and company’s reputation.

There is no need to take the risk; the Business English program from Eton University is designed to improve your professional vocabulary and give you clear, concise instructions on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to e-mails and other electronic communications.  The Professional Certificate in Business English (PCBE) is an internationally recognized suite of 42 hours that will show your ability to write English properly in the workplace.

Our program is concerned with using language in business to communicate information that is complete, correct, comprehensive … and valuable.

With PCBE qualification you can:
  • Communicate according to global standards.

  • Broaden your business-related vocabulary and skills.

  • Understand most business reports and correspondence

  • Write detailed business proposals, e-mail and letters.

The program emphasizes that effective business English begins with mastering grammar and sentence structure, and presents a brush-up review of grammar and correct English usage. It also aims to achieving an appropriate business style that conveys the writer’s message succinctly without resorting to stilted, overly formal language or meaningless jargon. The program follows up with good examples of model business letters, résumés, employment letters, interoffice memos, news releases, and business reports.

Instruction focuses on the practical and necessary skills needed for successful written English communication in the contemporary workplace. The program is flexible and accommodates a broad spectrum of professional interests.

The purpose of the Professional Certificate in Business English (PCBE) from Eton University is to help you add communication skills to your resume. Because this requires mastery of both English and the finer points of style, this program is divided into two main sections;

  • First we focus on broad areas of grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics, with an eye towards minimizing error.

  • Second, we examine the various categories of business correspondence, presenting an overview of the styles and formats appropriate to each.




  • Identifying Verbs and Subjects

  • Sentence Completers

  • The Sentence vs. Fragments vs. Run-ons

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

  • Verb Forms

  • Pronouns

  • Advanced Sentence Structure

  • Mechanics

  • Business Style

  • Letter Format

  • Request Letters

  • Replies

  • Credit and Collection Letters

  • Complaints, Claims, and Adjustments

  • Sales and Public Relations Letters

  • Social Business Letters

  • Employment Correspondence

  • In-house Correspondence

  • News Releases

  • Business Reports and Proposals

Entry Requirements

  • Interested candidates will take a Placement test to determine their current English level

  • Students tested at an intermediate level (or higher)will be immediately eligible to enter the Professional Certificate in Business English program.

Completion Requirements

  • To receive a certificate in Business English, students must successfully complete 42 hours of study

  • Certificate in Business English awarded after successful passing the final exam.

Learning format and duration

  • Intensive Classroom learning (scheduled upon requests) – 2 weeks course, 42 training hours

  • Online Learning (regularly scheduled)- 1 to 6 months, self-paced

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