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Attestation Services

Attestation is the process of authenticating a document from one country to the required level so that a student's local government will be happy to accept that it is genuine. In other words, it's a way of checking that an overseas document is real. We offer two types of attestation services, one for American certificates and one for British.

All our American degrees/certificates include an Eton University certificate and transcript plus a Foreign Credential Evaluation Report. A Foreign Credential Evaluation Report ensures a smooth mobility between jobs and educational institutions in the United States and Canada.

As an additional service, we offer attestation that includes the following;

  • Secretary of State Apostille (Maryland, California or Delaware). 

  • US Department of State Authentication.

  • Embassy attestation (optional)

More Information

  • Secretary of State Apostille (Maryland, California or Delaware)-A U.S. Government Office that authenticates and attests the validity of private credentials. This is needed by the California Secretary of State (State Government Office) before it issues apostilles or authentication of credentials.

  • US. Department of State Authentication-The U.S. Secretary of State Authentication is a U.S. Government Office. This is the highest form of authentication. All credentials of foreign ambassadors to the United Nations in New York, U.S. are authenticated by the U.S. Secretary of State before they are formally accepted by the UN body in New York.

The Difference Between the Authentication and Apostille

Apostille will be required for the list of countries that fall under the Apostille process established by the Hague Convention. Currently there are 97 countries that require this process be adhered to with all official documents including university degrees. For non-Apostille countries the Authentication is needed. There are 81 countries that do not subscribe to the Hague Convention, but still need to have official documents verified in order to be used in those countries.

       You can also add more value to your attestation by adding your Embassy’s attestation

  • Embassy attestation (Optional)-This procedure is of utmost importance while you visit other countries for any reason whether it is for employment, education, business or any other. We deliver attestation services for a choice of embassies including Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan and more. All educational degrees need to be attested by the Embassy/Consulate of a country to be eligible for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the same country.

All of our British degrees/certificates are accredited by one of our external awarding bodies or partner institutes. They are all accredited by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) which is a non-ministerial government department in the UK that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England.

As an additional service, we offer attestation that includes;

  • The Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) 


  • The British Council 

  • Embassy attestation (optional)

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the Government department responsible for protecting and promoting British interests around the world. One crucial way in which the UK’s FCO seeks to assist is through the legalisation of documents. For a number of reasons international governments are entitled to request documents that must be legalised before they can be used for their intended purpose. Certain UK documents can be ‘legalised’ by the FCO’s Legalisation Office. The Legalisation Office will check the signature, stamp or seal and once accepted as genuine will attach a stamped official certificate, known as an ‘apostille’, to legalise it. 

  • The British Council's verification service is provided to individuals who are UK educational qualification holders. They verify all education, training and professional awards, including certificates, degrees and diplomas, at all levels issued by any accredited UK institution or organisation. 

How to apply for attestation

To apply for attestation, please email the type of attestation you need plus your ID and certificate to