Academic calendar

We know well that the most exciting thing, as far as the students’ perspective is concerned, is the flexibility provided by universities in their academic calendar. Therefore, Eton University builds the structure of its calendar system to be four quarters, which makes it convenient for its students to get through the enrollment process.

Our calendar system divides the calendar year into four quarters, three of which constitute our complete academic year. Quarters at Eton University are typically 11 weeks long so that three quarters amount to 33 weeks. Generally, our academic year is divided as follows:

  • A fall quarter from late September to mid-December

  • A winter quarter from late January to mid-April

  • A spring quarter from late April to mid-July

  • An optional summer term from late July to mid-September


Credit Transfer

Previous learning experience

College Education


You can earn credits from your prior studies and work experience. Through our “Previous Knowledge Evaluation” process you can apply your relevant learning, work and life experiences toward college credits. These credits will help you complete your degree program as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may be closer than you think to earning your degree; all what you need is to submit official transcripts, course descriptions, and other supporting documentation prior to the official awarding of credit.

At Eton University, we recognize previous experience. You can save time and money when you apply your experience toward a degree.

Eton University accepts credits from recognized institutions worldwide. This allows students who have already completed college-level courses to be recognized for that effort, and encourages them toward completing their degree.

In addition, Eton University maintains Articulation Agreements with recognized colleges. Articulation Agreements are alliances that simplify the transfer of credits from such colleges to Eton University. Students who transfer to Eton University from an articulated college receive a variety of academic and financial benefits.

If you have already earned college credits, you could apply eligible credits toward a degree program with Eton University. Show us what you have completed and we will help you chart out a degree program to finish what you have started.


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