Eton University is continuously expanding and looking for new opportunities to enrich our students’ experience. This is why, in 2017, we opened a vocational training venue in the heart of Manchester, UK.

Manchester is one of the greatest cities in the United Kingdom; it plays host to some of the most famous historical cultural icons and industries in the world.


It is enriched with British history and provides students with endless opportunities to experience at first hand all the culture that Britain has to offer combined with world-class education. Manchester is ideally located for easy access to many beautiful areas in the North West of England.

Manchester is the third most visited city in the United Kingdom

…and it is easy to see why!


The city centre is rich with industrial British heritage, beautiful architecture, culture, famous sports clubs, musical history, media links and, of course, it’s people. The Mancunians are notably proud of their city and everything it has to offer.

  • Satisfy every taste bud with an abundance of restaurants in the city.

  • There are also enough museums and galleries to satisfy every inquisitive mind.

  • Manchester is home to a large number of theatres and venues which have hosted some of the world’s most famous actors and musicians.

  • It is also home to two football giants - Manchester United and Manchester City.

  • There are nearly 400,000 students in Manchester city region, which makes the city one of the largest university populations in Europe.

  • You really can shop until you drop in Manchester, with a wide range of choice for shopping malls, high streets, designer shops and boutique districts.

  • Or you could just walk around and take in some of the breath-taking architecture!


Things to do in Manchester

Bee in the City!


Earlier this year, over 100 bees took over the city in one of the most spectacular events to visit Manchester!

The bees were part of a public art spectacle and encouraged visitors to take part on a free, family-fun trail. The bees lead explorers to some of the cities famous landmarks and hidden gems.


Each Bee has been designed by a different artist in celebration of the unique buzz of Manchester, from its industrial heritage to its vibrant music scene.

History of the bees

Manchester first started using the worker bee as a symbol during the Industrial Revolution and became part of the Manchester coat of arms in 1842.

It has since become a cultural phenonmenon and it’s only a matter of time before you see a bee symbol in the city.


They can be seen on walls, bins,  advertising boards, T-shirts and more!

Eton University Training Venue

Eton’s training facilities are ideally located in St Peters Square, which provides excellent transport connections to the metrolink and major bus routes. Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology designed to enhance one to one personalised lessons and group seminars. Refreshments are free and readily available and all our students have unlimited access to the college WIFI.


The friendly staff at Eton are trained to provide a specialised services to all attending students. Our tutors are not only experienced but also fully qualified with British accredited qualifications.


If you are considering studying abroad in the UK then contact us today!






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